dietexerciseOn A Personal Note June 14, 2011

Challenge Week One Update

For anyone who might be interested in my week one results of my Live the Life Challenge – here it is!

I am down 2 pounds (a bit disappointing not to see a bit more progress, but I am moving in the right direction!), lost an inch off my hips and have lost inches in my arms, legs and upper body (the Live the Life has you only take two measurements – waist and hips, but I carry my weight pretty evenly and wanted to be able to see the progress in every area).  The very best part is how energetic I am feeling!  :))  I have had a real problem with energy levels for the past several years and have tried all kinds of things over the years to remedy that with little success.  Clients, friends and family seem to think I am the “energizer bunny”, but I have just really been pushing myself hard!  

I love that the food is pre-planned for you and that the meals stay the same for the week.  The two weeks of menus I have done so far (just started week two yesterday) have been completely different, but the food is absolutely wonderful!  

The biggest challenge for me (and my husband) is the time commitment to both the exercises and the meal prep.  We spend about 1.5 hours every morning doing weights and cardio and then have to prepare and pack all meals for the day.  Since our schedules both vary from day to day it is challenging to always be where we can microwave the food or use a blender, but we are slowly figuring out the best approach.  This is like everything else – whenever you make a huge change to your lifestyle/routine, it takes time to get it all down.  We have been getting up at 6 and will start with 5:30 beginning tomorrow to attempt to relieve the craziness of the morning routine.

Overall I am pleased with the results of the first week and looking forward to my second week!