familyIzzeOn A Personal Notereal estate October 13, 2020

Tender Mercy

 Last week I had the most incredible experience of my real estate career. I had a darling new listing in Eagle Mountain and was getting a ton of traffic! I received a call from a Central Utah agent asking about getting her son through the home. We scheduled a time and she asked for the code for the keybox. I told her it was a Supra box and she replied that she did not have access to the Supra boxes and asked if I might be available to show it to her son. After phone calls back and forth to coordinate schedules, we set a time and I agreed to meet him at the home. She had mentioned that he was a police officer and was attending a hearing that morning, so 11:00 was the soonest he could make it out. I asked his name so I could be sure I had the right client and hung up. His name kept running through my mind. I KNEW that name. But HOW and WHY? All of a sudden it came to me. This was the officer that answered the call when Izze and Madde walked to a  neighbor’s home to escape the awfulness of their situation with a drunk, passed out “mother”. He was the “third-party” to the girl’s trauma. His report allowed Jonathon to obtain full custody.

I had an hour between showings on that house. An hour! To think, to pray. What would I say? I would stand before the biggest hero I had ever met – and anything I said would fall short. I would be inadequate. But I had to try…..

When he arrived, I asked him if he knew who I was (we do after all have an unusual last name). He did not – I am guessing he didn’t even know my last name. I told him I was Jonathon Mathie’s mother and Izze and Madde’s grandma. He was stunned. I expressed our profound gratitude for him and all that he had done for us. Then, to avoid making things weird, I jumped into showing him the home. 

We talked afterward for a bit and he shared some things about that awful day. He told me it was a very tough day for him. He was appalled by the things he saw and heard. I told him I didn’t even have the words to express how we feel about him, but that he had altered our grand-daughters lives forever for the better. 

I wanted to have the happiest ending and get him into that house, but he was unable to compete with the crazy number of offers that came in. Maybe it wasn’t about buying the house after all. Perhaps it was about being able to attempt to express our gratitude. For him to know that he is making a difference! I will never forget what he has done for us!


I am guessing that someday when I stand before the Savior, that I will feel much the same. Totally indebted, totally unworthy, with gratitude beyond expression. 

I will never forget looking into the eyes of someone who has forever changed our family. May God bless him! He will forever be remembered and those few minutes with him will never be forgotten!