adoptedfamilyIzzeOn A Personal Note March 24, 2021

Adoption Day

 SO many emotions right now! Last Monday, the 15th of March, Sarah’s (Jonathon’s ex-wife) parental rights were terminated. Some of you have followed our tragic story involving felony charges against Sarah and know that this step was necessary for the girls to be able to heal from all their trauma over the past nearly 10 years. I don’t want to dwell on this, but do want to say how incredibly grateful we are!

Today, Brianna (Jon’s wife) was able to legally adopt Izze and Madde. We have to wait 15 days from the termination for things to finalize. On March 31st the girls adoption will be finalized. Izze and Madde have been SO excited to have a “real” mom who loves and cares for them everyday!  Although Brianna is no more perfect than you or I are, she is definitely perfect for the girls, having grown up in similar circumstances, which gives her a unique insight into the baggage that these girls carry. We are SO grateful for her and feel that the girls are finally consistently safe and loved. 

I have been so humbled and have learned much about God’s timing and trusting in Him. Faith means turning it over to God – completely – knowing that He has it and will make everything right in His own time. Been a tough lesson for me to learn since I am such a control freak, but such a vital lesson too. Thankful for our struggles over the past 10 years, but more grateful to be on this side of things!

For the many of you that have been a part of our journey – praying and supporting us through all the craziness, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are finally at peace and so incredibly blessed by your love and support!