breakfasteggsrecipes March 25, 2020

Mountain Man Breakfast Burrito

My husband was asked to make this for our church Christmas Party and it was a hit! Thought some of you might like a change for breakfast with everyone being at home right now due to the COVID 19 virus!

12 eggs
1 cup milk
8 oz diced ham
4 oz real bacon bits
1/2 cup shredded cheddar/monterey jack cheese
24 oz bag frozen hash browns


1. Brown hash browns in a large skillet

2. Mix eggs and milk

3. Pour egg/milk mixture into skillet

4. Add diced ham and bacon bits

5. Stir continuously until eggs are cooked

6. Add cheese on top until melted

7. Heat the tortillas, fill with egg mixture, and eat up! 

Really delicious and very filling!