dietexercise August 1, 2011

Week 8 Update to 12 Week Challenge

My body seems to be responding well to this program.  In 8 weeks I have lost 16 pounds and several inches!  I have a ton more energy and just feel so much better overall.  I am struggling a bit with my knees (one has a torn ACL and the other – who knows?!) and am now wearing braces on both knees when working out.  I am pretty determined to make it through each and every day of exercise though and believe it will work itself out and that I will become stronger as time goes on.  I have modified some of the exercises to be more gentle on my knees however (no sense taking unnecessary risks).  I increased both the elliptical (now at level 6) and am doing 4 sets of 15  (instead of 3 sets of 12) on each exercise.  Mostly excited about how much easier it is to do the program each week.  I think my biggest challenges are eating consistently when I am showing homes all day and have clients in my vehicle AND getting enough rest.  I worked 12-14 hour days every day last week and am asleep pretty much as soon as my head hits the pillow.  STILL, having enough energy to work that many hours every day for 6 days is amazing!!!  I am 50 years-old and pretty pleased that I am able to keep this up and continue to see progress.  Typically my body quits responding after a few weeks of diet and exercise.  I have lost about 2 pants sizes since the beginning of the challenge.

My husband is on the road for 6 weeks (I will see him for a couple of days this weekend and then he is back on the road again) and I am really proud of him for figuring out how to make it all work while in a hotel room. We are excited to see where he is on the scales when he returns.  

Here’s to another great week!