dietexercise July 25, 2011

Update for Week 7

Week 7 brings my weight loss to 13 pounds (2.5 for this past week)!  I am feeling so empowered and strong right now.  It is amazing that when I tackle my biggest challenge (diet and exercise), how it spills over into every other aspect of my life.  I think it is because it gives me the confidence that I really can do hard things and have success doing them when I apply myself.  Of course, having the right tools (menu and exercise) spelled out for me is incredibly helpful too!  My work is really booming right now and I have an enthusiasm for life that has been lacking for some time.  LOVE this program and LOVE what is happening both physically, emotionally, and mentally right now.  If you have struggled with weight and health issues I strongly encourage you to take the leap with me!  4 more weeks left of Phase One and then on to Phase Two.  Happiness comes from making a conscientious decision to choose those things that are best for us and look for the positive in life!  Wishing you a happy, healthy week!