dietexercise July 18, 2011

Update for Week 6

Week 6!  Half way through the first phase (there are 4 total).  I am feeling great!  I am down nearly 11 pounds, have lost 3″ from my waist and hips and 3.5″ from my under bust measurement.  Legs and arms are down a couple of inches also.  I am definitely feeling more fit and toned and am able to do the exercises with increased weight and/or reps.  My greatest challenge is getting enough sleep!  With all there is to do in the day, it is tough to get to bed by 9 or 10 and I find myself hitting the sack at 11 or 12 way too many nights.  I bought a double walled water bottle that has a “straw” devise and find that by sipping my water rather than guzzling it I am having an easier time getting it down and am drinking more than I was previously – interesting…..

My husband is down about 15 pounds and looks so much better!  I think we are both loving this life-style, but it is a bit crazy at times trying to fit everything all in!  If any of you have joined me in this challenge I would love to hear how you are doing!