dietexercise July 11, 2011

Update for Week 5

Had a great week for both exercise and nutrition.  I have only lost another 1/2 pound this week, but am feeling great physically and seeing improvement on my exercise – I am able to do all reps and with an increased weight/resistance.  LOVING that I do not really even have to think about what to eat – only about prepping and eating on time.  I am sure that I can do this program indefinitely!  Don’t know if I had mentioned that my husband is doing this with me, but that has been incredibly satisfying!  He is down a total of 13 pounds (to my 10) and has lost lots of inches as well.  It feels great to be able to accomplish this goal together.  My husband has had the greater challenge as he has been traveling quite a bit for work.  This means he has to really think ahead to prepare meals in advance and come up with creative ways of cooking the food in a hotel room.  We are getting smarter and better at Living the Life!  Here’s to another great week!