dietexercise July 4, 2011

Update for Week 4

This week has been a bit challenging!  I gained 2 pounds on Tuesday morning (following my Monday post) – VERY discouraging as I have been perfect in my eating and my exercise.  I ran out of my thyroid medication and went about 5 days before I could get in to get a refill…..  NOT smart!  I ended this week down a 1/2 pound – for a total loss of 9.5 pounds for the 4 weeks (that means I lost 2.5 pounds for the week, but that included the 2 I had gained) – thus the real loss for this week was only 1/2 a pound.  I do know from previous weight loss that this is fairly typical of me – a bit of a plateau – and then I will suddenly drop again, so I am certainly not ready to throw in the towel!  I really need to work on getting to bed earlier since we are getting up at 6 each morning to start our crazy day!  Getting adequate sleep has been by far my greatest challenge.   I am seeing a huge difference in my body composition – things are definitely getting firmer and more toned and defined and clothes are getting looser and I am wearing things I have not been able to get into for over a year.  Overall, feeling great about the challenge – but am hopeful the scale will get moving a bit faster this week.  Here’s to another strong week!