dietexercisehealthy eatingweight January 25, 2012

Update for Week 9 Phase 3

So, holding steady this week.  It has been interesting to note that although my weight is not doing much right now, I am still losing inches and things are continuing to fit better all the time.  I also have my hormones and adrenals in “crash” mode right now due to all this legal stress with the adoption for my son and his family.  Last year when all systems crashed I was gaining a 1/2-1 pound a week!  Pretty happy with maintaining my weight and love that I continue to build muscle and tone.  We really CAN change our bodies if we are willing to work hard and eat right.  Bought a couple of workout videos and am hoping to rev it up a bit this next week!  Always trying to push a little harder….  No gain (muscle)/loss (weight) without hard work!