dietexercise August 22, 2011

Update for Week 11 Phase One

This week was one of my most challenging.  I had a realtor convention in Park City for two days. I only got 3 1/2 hours of sleep the night before I left due to wrapping things up since I would be out of town for 2 days.  While I had to change the menu quite a bit and use salads and things from past weeks, I did great with eating clean!  The workout was quite a different story!  They had us so heavily scheduled that I was not able to fit in a workout for either of the days I was up there!  When I got back to my room the first night I had an offer to write and a photo tour to get up for a new listing.  AND was exhausted besides.  I find it more tiring to sit all day in class than to be up and running hard all day!  That being said, I did not make any progress this week for inches or pounds lost.  On a brighter note I am down 2 sizes and still feeling great and not too disappointed with my results.  I am also noticing a huge difference in muscle tone and definition!  Life is going to happen and we just have to do the best we can and roll with it!  

Beginning Saturday we are leaving for Maine for 10 days to visit our grand-kids there.  This will require us to change things up a bit as far as exercise, etc.  I think we can follow our eating plan alright (with modification on flight days), but the exercise portion will consist of resistance bands and walking.  We have already had our granddaughters scoping out the best walking trails for us.  They are planning to come along and ride their bikes.  Presque Isle has the best walking trails and the most beautiful views!  Kind of looking forward to a change of pace!  Here’s to a better week!