familyOn A Personal Note January 1, 2020

Good-Bye 2019

Us waiting for the Piano Guys Christmas concert – Happy 39 years to us!

I didn’t send Christmas cards this year – a first for me in as long as I can remember! I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and a bit paralyzed frankly…

2019 has been a tough year…..

  • black mold poisoning (which took us 8 months to diagnose and nearly killed me!)
  • David had to have half his thyroid out – thankfully it was not cancerous! But it was in the top ten most difficult surgeries the surgeon had ever done. A 2-hour surgery turned 5 hours and a thryroid the size of a baseball!
  • car accident for me – thankfully no injuries, but my poor car!
  • felony charges against our son’s ex-wife for child endangerment (another post coming on this one)
  • lyme disease diagnosis for me

As tough as it has been, we are super grateful for the many small and large miracles that we have also experienced. We made it out of 2019 still standing. We are grateful for family and friends that have supported us thru it all.
  • We enjoyed our first ever cruise with my parents and all their children and spouses. It was a wonderful experience! 
  • Brian’s family spent Christmas with us and it was SO fun to have children to celebrate with on Christmas morning! We made some great memories!
  • We made a trip out to visit with Jason and his family, now located in New Mexico.
  •  Jonathon and his wife are expecting a girl in April – we are thrilled!
  • Real estate was good to me this year! Lots of new clients and returning clients too!

Although I am excited for a new year and new opportunities, I am also heading into this new year with caution. Lots of big hurdles are awaiting us and my very soul is exhausted. Here’s hoping that 2020 is a bit kinder (I am NOT expecting a smooth ride, just fewer bumps in the road please!). May God’s blessings be abundant for us all! 

Happy New Year!

My parents with 7 of our 11 grandkids

All the crazies on Christmas Eve
Papa reading to Brian’s kids