familyfathersOn A Personal Note February 8, 2018

Happy Birthday to the Best Husband on the Planet!

Our 37th Anniversary was Dec 30th. We had been remodeling our basement (new flooring, painted the ceiling and remodeled the bathroom), so I let it slip by without a word.  Sunday is my husband’s birthday and I just HAVE to say how amazing he is. For 37 years – most of his life – he has put up with my constant projects/remodels without complaining.  He puts up with my OCD and attention to detail that would drive anyone absolutely crazy!  Sometimes he quotes Princess Bride and responds to my requests with, “As you wish” – that drives me mad, but he is almost always cheerful about helping me get things done. He is not a typical gift-giver – he hates “having” to purchase a gift, but if he sees something he knows is perfect for me he buys it, “just because”.  Daily he looks for ways to make my life easier.  Sometimes that means washing up the dishes, scrubbing toilets, making dinner, or sometimes getting a new I-pad, computer or phone set up because he knows I will lose my mind trying to figure it all out. He has a wonderful sense of humor and it always comes out at the most unexpected times. He is always kind, never critical (my struggling self-esteem thanks him), he makes me laugh at myself when I am being dramatic about something.  He plans out the best antique shops whenever we travel anywhere – and is happy about the shopping.  He reminds me about things I need to do when he knows I have a ton on my plate and might forget.  He just brings out the best in me.  He makes me want to do more, to be better, to push myself – without ever nagging.  He is my best cheerleader.  When I started in Real Estate he wanted to know what my business plan was – what was that?  I didn’t even have one!  Being sarcastic, I finally said, “I just want to make more money than you!”  Without batting an eye, he said, “How can I help you do that?”  Been my best assistant ever since.  He has even made small repairs for my clients without hesitation.  Seriously-how can I not love him?!  

He is so wonderful with his grandchildren.  Two of them lived with us for nearly four years and it was wonderful to see him interact with them.  I always appreciated what a good father he was to his own 3 boys.  He has always put his family first and has always been a great example – never hypocritical.  Truly a man of his word. 

I am blessed beyond measure.  He isn’t quite perfect, but I love him the more for his imperfections.  They are few.  Happy b-day to the best husband on the planet.  Here’s to many, many more beautiful years together.