HalloweenIzzeOn A Personal Note October 11, 2012

Pumpkin Time!

So I had a couple of helpers with my pumpkin harvest this year – Izze and her cousin had a great time loading (throwing) pumpkins into the garden cart.  I ended up with 79 small pumpkins and 75 minis – SOOOOO fun!  The large ones are out on my porch and benches in the yard.  Didn’t have as many big ones this year, but I really use more of the small ones in decorating anyway.  

Izze with her pumpkin

Cousin helping out

All our workers cutting and loading pumpkins

He’s got his pumpkin!

Izze throwing pumpkins into the garden cart

Filling up!

Izze helping out with a big one!

Loading a medium size pumpkin

Helping cousin out

Check out all my pumpkins!

Can I get some more grandma?

Aren’t I just the cutest thing ever?!

And IN the house we look like this:

Funny little double pumkins – twinners!

Happy Fall y’all!