familyOn A Personal Note August 6, 2012

Grand-kid Sleep-Over

We have started a new “tradition” at our house – the grandma and papa slumber party.  We have 6 grand-kids now and rarely get them all together since 5 of the 6 live out of state, BUT when we do we have at least one night where they all come and spend the night together.  2 of them are still too young to sleep downstairs with the “big” kids, but they stayed too!  Pak ‘N Play is such an awesome invention!  :))  We watch movies and eat lots of junk food and stay up way too late.  Great times!  It is sweet to watch the “older” kids take care of the younger ones.  Such awesome grand-kids!  We sure do love them and miss them when they go…..
4 of the 6 “sleeping over” at grandma and papa’s

Aren’t they such cuties?!

Grandma didn’t get a wink of sleep for all her “checking on them” throughout the night,  Will I ever get past the worrying?  I think NOT!