familyOn A Personal Note August 5, 2012

My Fam

I recently had my grand-kids – all 6 of them – together at my house!  It was a crazy, happy, noisy week and we loved having them visit!  These pics are taken at the park near our home and also in our back yard.  The kids are finally old enough to really enjoy being together and it was awesome to see how much fun they had!  I cannot get over how different they all are – their cute little personalities and quirky little habits.  The few weeks that they were here felt like such a pay-day!  NEVER enough time and very little sleep, but we sure love having the madness.  I would only be happier if they all lived close by!  More pics to follow and a few stories.  Just had to share the love with you all.  The following pics are the reason I work so hard – so I can visit these cuties!!!!!

Sweet Briley Boo!

Being silly at the park


Think it is big enough?!

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Coming down the slide

My patriotic boy!  

McKenna – my oldest grandchild

Halle swinging at grandmas

Briley steering the boat!



Oldest son Jason with Briley (Bri’s daughter) and his youngest, Halle

My super hero!