exercisehealthy eatingweight January 9, 2012

Week 7 Phase Three Update

So we headed to AZ on Christmas day to visit with our middle son and his cute family.  My goal for the holiday season was to at least maintain my weight throughout the madness.  For the first time since I started on my thyroid medication I left Utah without it and was without it for 10 days.  If I had ever wondered how effective the thyroid medication was, I will NEVER wonder again!  By Sunday I was nearly non-functional!  Exhausted, hair falling out – no real motivation to do much of anything!  I was perfect in getting my workout in, but not quite perfect in my eating clean (to be expected I guess!).  I came home up nearly 4 pounds…..I was pretty bummed about that, but not surprised.  

My weigh in this morning shows I am back to my all time low!  I am pretty pleased with that and feeling so much better being back on the program with eating clean!  It makes such a difference in how I feel overall!  Being back on my thyroid medication is also helping!  :))

I am hoping by June to have another 10 pounds off.  I am losing very slowly now (all along really), but feel this is totally doable!  Here’s to another year of healthy eating and working out!