dietexercisehealthy eating December 21, 2011

Update for Week 4 Phase 3

So this is a day late – no surprise with everything I have going on.  I am feeling a teeny bit discouraged as I had to go in for blood work for my hormone levels and found out Friday that all hormone levels have completely crashed again (I thought my tiredness was due to the whole stress of baby Izze’s adoption going to litigation).  Last year when I tested, my estrogen was on the high side of normal and everything else was practically non-existent.  With all the work I have done with diet and exercise I was pretty confident I would have much improved levels.  What a let-down….  The good news is that I can change my prescription and actively do something about my hormones (which is a lot more than I can say about litigation!).  I started my new medication on Friday night and am keeping an eye on things – if I am not much improved by Valentine’s day I will have to go back for additional testing.  So I guess I should be super elated that my weight is staying very constant through this holiday season.  Started some new exercises this week and am definitely feeling it (am I sick to say I actually really like that feeling?).  Hoping you are all having a safe and joyous holiday season!  If you are not sticking to your eating plan, you can always start again January 1st, right?!