dietexercisehealthy eating December 13, 2011

Update for Week Three Phase Three

Back down to my all-time low since beginning the challenge.  Hoping I can break it this week.  With all the holiday parties, etc I am feeling grateful to be maintaining for right now.  It has been a pretty stressful week for me and I am pretty proud of myself for not “eating my feelings”.  I have always been a stress eater and am glad that I can release my stress through exercise now instead of eating.  It has wonderful consequences.  I have also had a bit of trouble sticking to eating every 2-3 hours – it has been more like every 4 or more.  Hoping to do better this week – although that may mean making some menu changes as so many things need a cook-top or oven.  I can always resort to a protein shake of sorts or a salad…..  Having a plan is half the battle!  :))