adoptedbabyfamilyIzzeOn A Personal Note November 17, 2011

Izze-Our Miracle

Many of you have been following our rather emotional roller coaster ride as my youngest son and his wife have been trying to adopt baby Izze – I want to share our very own little miracle that happened yesterday….

In the middle of fighting to adopt baby Izze, Jonathon and Sarah have also been providing care on again/off again for Sarah’s nephew (that is another story altogether, but needs to be at least mentioned here to understand how this all came about).  They have had physical custody of this little boy for over a week and he was needing medical attention – they did not have any legal authorization to make medical decisions for him however, and were unable to contact either parent to get it (long story).  On Tuesday night they contacted DCFS for help so that they could seek medical attention on his behalf.  To get that process going, Sarah was told to go to the court and file some paperwork that DCFS would require to get that moving.

A whole series of events on Wednesday morning prevented Sarah from getting down to the court until mid-afternoon (she had planned to go early in the morning).  While she is in the courthouse filling out the form, she hears the birth mother crying and yelling into her phone – wondering how it is possible that the birth mother is at the court AND knowing she has custody of Izze, she sticks her head around the corner to see if it really is the birth mother – IT IS!  With her heart racing, she grabs the first person that is headed down that hall and explains that she is the adoptive mother of baby Izze and that she has just seen the court remove her from the birth mom.  Sarah then states that she was there on another matter, and had no intention of showing up, nor did she know. She ask, if they would kindly take her to a back room out of sight of the birthmom.  They take her back to a room and within seconds the assistant attorney general, that had been in the courtroom on Monday when custody was awarded to the birth mom, is running down the hall in her heels and pencil skirt to talk to Sarah (this picture makes me smile so big).  A very few minutes later Sarah is holding Izze and is being told that temporary placement has been awarded to us!  

Coincidence that Sarah was in the courthouse at that very moment?!  I think NOT!  

One of the most touching, amazing things to me was Izze’s reaction at coming home.  She came in and studied her surroundings for what seemed like a long time – looking carefully at our home – then suddenly began talking, laughing, smiling – it was as if she too, realized that she had truly come home and was shouting her relief and excitement to us all!  She has always been a happy baby, but the joy that bubbled from her for hours following her return was one of the most touching things I have ever witnessed.  I loved the way she was looking deep into our eyes and smiling with a light and brightness I had not seen before.  I am sure that she was not shown any love and not given much, if any, attention in the 48 hours she was gone from our home.  We prayed fervently for her safety the entire time she was gone.  Her safety was my gravest concern!

So how did this change of events come about?!  The birth mother and her attorney filed, less than 48 hours after being awarded custody – you know, so she could have the opportunity to be a mother – because she had such an amazing bond with Izze – to terminate her parental rights and adopt her to some “friends”.  NOT Jonathon and Sarah – whom she contacted while still pregnant to adopt her baby, but these very close friends.  Really?!  Where were these “close friends” 6 months ago – or 5 months ago when baby Izze was born?!  I am POSITIVE that there is something “dirty” going on there – we may never really know the real story of what the heck that is all about.  In the meantime, there is a “shelter hearing” on November 30th – this will address whether or not the birth mother can change custody to the “good friends”.  On December 5th we will go to court to see if we can terminate the birth mother’s parental rights.  Seems like a no-brainer, but the system has failed us thus far in what seems to be a pretty clear cut case of right and wrong.  We are praying that God will  soften the hearts of the judge, the attorney general and those from DCFS that have influence in Izze’s life.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Izze belongs in our home.  From her reaction to being reunited with us yesterday, I am sure that there is no doubt in her mind where she belongs and who loves her.  I am sure that God is watching over her and protecting her.  I think it is clear that the birth mother has only her own personal interests in mind, that she does not care one bit about Izze or what is in her best interest.  I am grateful that the birth mother’s true colors have been displayed and that it did not take long for her character (or lack thereof) to manifest itself.  I pray that Izze will be able to be placed  permanently in our home SOON and that we can finally get off the roller coaster (they really never have been my favorite ride) that we have been on for the last 6 months.  

There are not words to express our gratitude to all of you for your prayers and the love and support that has been extended to our family during the tumultuous time.  So grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who loves his children and blesses them.  We know that He lives.  We love Izze with our hearts and souls and want more than anything to see her be an eternal part of our family.  May you too, know the power of prayer – may you see miracles in your own lives – and thanks so much for being part of our miracle.  We know it is through the collective power of so many prayers that the Lord has allowed us this miracle.  We pray it will not be short-lived.  We love Him and we love you!  

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I have always said that sometimes the Lord takes us all the way to the edge before he rescues us – this is the first time in my life I felt I had gone completely over the edge and was free falling – thank you God for letting us learn to fly!  Even if just for today – thank you for another 24 hours with our Izze.  My heart overflows with love and joy for her and for You!