dietexercisehealthy eating September 28, 2011

Week 4 Phase Two Update

They say better late than never right?!  I actually had a really hard week last week for the first time in the last 16 weeks.  I think it was more hormonal than anything and I didn’t stray too far, but I did feel the effects.  I gained 2 pounds last week – I did a ton of baking and lots of licking fingers, but no eating of the goodies.  Still, with my crappy thyroid and adrenals and hormones, I simply cannot afford to stray at all!  I keep thinking about the importance of little things and how each and every choice we make contributes to our success or our failure.  Feeling VERY motivated to stay the course this week and feel confident I will reap those rewards (you will have to check in next week to see how I did – obviously I am half-way thru the week already and know how I am doing thus far….).  On a positive note, feeling better overall than ever and excited about the things to come.  Hope your week last week was better than mine!