diethealthy eatingweight September 19, 2011

Week Three Phase Two Results

I FINALLY hit -20 pounds!!!!!  I am pretty excited about that!  It seems like hitting the 20 pound mark always takes forever.  I would like to lose another 15 pounds, but am fitting into my old clothes nicely now and am really happy with the way I am feeling overall.  We are in the process of having wood floors put in the 3 bedrooms upstairs and travertine tile in the bathroom (watch for a future post on this) – this has meant literally moving all furniture out of each room and then moving it back when the room is completed.  Hopefully this will be done today.  I am amazed that I have been able to help my husband move all pieces of furniture – with minimal assistance with one piece from our son.  I have never had much upper body strength and this was no small feat for me!  David is down 25 pounds and looking great!  His “skinny jeans” are getting a bit loose on him now.  LOVING this way of life!