dietexercisehealthy eating August 29, 2011

Update for Week 12 Phase One

Don’t really have much to report – we are in Maine visiting our grandchildren and as such, I do not have scales or a measuring tape to check on my progress.  I will say it has been a bit of a challenge to stay completely on course with travel all day on Saturday and coming up again next Tuesday, but we have stayed as close as possible to the program – with both eating and exercise as has been possible.  

We enjoyed a great bike ride this morning with the two oldest girls and it was fun to do “cardio” while enjoying their company.  They are cute and rode us a couple of miles down the road to a beautiful park and then back home “the secret way”.  (we came in thru a baseball field and down a steep grassy hill to their back yard).  LOVED it!  

It is a bit difficult to stick too closely with the eating portion when you are flying and driving all day – but we have been pretty determined and have done relatively well.  I will be anxious to weigh myself when we get home and see how I have done.  If I have at least broken even I will feel good about that.  

Just trying to enjoy our time with family this week!  Will check back in next Wednesday morning and let you know how we did!  Have a wonderful week!