babyIzze June 24, 2011

Baby Izze Update 2

Baby Izze was released to come home today!!!!  She has spent 12 days in the hospital detoxing from the birth mother’s drugs.  It is SOOOOOO nice to have her at home!  She is beautiful and she is surrounded by people who love her!  She is back to her birth weight of 6 1/2 pounds, is eating well, but still having some trouble with her digestive system and her poor bottom is absolutely raw from all the toxins.  She will continue to be on morphine for another 20 days or so to assist her in releasing all the toxins that are in her little body.  She sure does love her adoptive mother Sarah and looks for her whenever she hears her voice – it is so cute!  This experience has certainly helped me to appreciate more fully having an eternal perspective and the understanding that that knowledge gives to me and my family.  I am grateful for a wonderful daughter-in-law (ALL 3 of my daughter-in-laws are amazing) and a son who have big hearts and will do anything for Izze.  We are sure looking forward to having a baby in our home again and the wonderful experiences that she will bring us.  We love all 6 of our grandchildren and are grateful for the joy that they bring to us!  Here’s to a wonderful new adventure!  Welcome HOME Izzebel Cadence Mathie – we love you!