babyfamilyIzeeOn A Personal Note June 15, 2011

Baby Izze Update

First of all, thanks so much for all the love and support!  I have amazing friends and family!  

We were hoping to bring Izze home today, but the doctor says she is still suffering from the effects of the methadone that her birth mom was on and they are starting her on morphine today to help ease the symptoms.  The good news is that she is very easily comforted, but when she is in distress gets the shakes and is moving her bowels 8+ times a day (pretty excessive).  I think it is a good sign though that she is getting the drugs out of her system.  Once things slow down a bit, the doctors will move her from morphine to phenobarbital and we will be able to bring her home.  

We were able to visit with her last night and she seemed very mellow and content.  My understanding is that there are not any long lasting effects from the methadone once we get through the first couple of weeks. She is absolutely beautiful and we are praying hard for good health after her rough start.  I have to remind myself and my “kids” that she will not remember any of this and that it is much harder for them than it is for her.  So hard to see your child suffer and not be able to “fix” things.  Sarah and Jon have been amazing and will be wonderful parents.  I have been especially impressed with Sarah’s ability to be sensitive to the birth mother’s feelings throughout this process.  LOVE my family!  This too shall pass….