adoptedbabyfamilyOn A Personal Note June 14, 2011

Our Little Izze!

My son Jonathon and his wife Sarah have been married for two years and thus far, have been unable to conceive.  This is a brief version of a very long story and how life can be wonderful and miraculous….

Sunday morning, June 12, 2011, about 8:30 Izzebel entered the world in one heck of a hurry!  The birth mom’s contractions began to come about 10 minutes apart and so she woke her ride and they began the drive to the hospital.  Very quickly contractions went to one minute apart!  She told her friend that she felt the baby would arrive before they made it to the hospital and put her seat (she is riding in a little Saturn) all the way down and her legs on the dashboard of the car.  Her friend began to run red lights and take corners like they were in the Indy 500.  Arriving at the hospital the birth mom is saying she is coming NOW!  The friend ran into the hospital for help leaving her in the car.  The birth mom, hoping she could make it in, took a few steps out of the car – then quickly realized it was too late.  She climbed back in the car on her hands and knees and delivered the baby on the seat with no one at all to help her.  Her friend arrived back in time to tell her that the baby was breathing and crying – FOLLOWED by 20 nurses and doctors!!!  She is one amazing woman!!!!!!

I spent this afternoon at the hospital with my “kids”, the attorney and a dear friend who is a notary.  We were there to have the birth mother sign away her rights and release the baby to Jon and Sarah.  I went so I could be a SUPPORT to my “kids”.  I ended up crying right along with Sarah and the birth mom.  It was such a tender, sweet moment.  I didn’t expect to get emotional myself, but there are simply no words to describe the feelings that come when someone offers a “gift” to you like that.  The gift of life, the ability to experience parenthood, the tender mercy of our Heavenly Father to grant you the opportunity.  It doesn’t matter whether we share the same religious views or not – I think it is pretty hard to miss the hand of the Lord in your life when you are gifted a child.   I am astounded that the birth mom was able to put the needs of the baby above her own – what an unselfish act!

Interesting to me to be the grandparent of an “adopted” baby.  Can I just say that it doesn’t matter at all HOW they come to be in your family – only that they DO come.  There is NO question in my mind that she is “ours” and was meant for Jonathon and Sarah!  I am sooooo looking forward to having her “home”.  We are praying for Wednesday – stay tuned!