home decorhome improvementsOn A Personal Note January 25, 2016

Before And During

Before tub and vanity

Before closet

Before closet

Before closet

Before toilet and shower

Before shower

Before jetted tub

Before vanity top and mirrors

Before vanity

Before heat lamp

Before exhaust fan – isn’t it hideous?

Before cherry fireplace surround

Before entertainment center

Another shot of fireplace and entertainment center

Before cherry bookcases and desk

Before kitchen

Before kitchen 

Before kitchen

Before kitchen

Before handrail

Before handrail upstairs

Upstairs vanity

Laundry room cabinets

First color that was too brown

First color that was too brown

First color

Bathroom after tearout

Closet after tear out and extension

This will be a linen closet

Where the old bathtub sat

Shower after tear out

Toilet after tear out

On Thursday we started our master bathroom remodel.  On Friday, we had painters come to begin painting all our cherry stained hardwood cream.  I figured if my house was going to be a construction zone, we may as well knock them both out at the same time.  This has been super eye-opening and we have already learned some expensive lessons.  

Thursday, when “my Russian boys” with American Home Services (801-224-1813) came out to begin the bathroom remodel, we completely changed the entire layout that had previously been agreed upon.  I can’t complain about it one little bit, since the new layout is better in every way.  BUT change means more money and likely more time.  Lesson One – expect the unexpected.  

We also discovered the toilet had been leaking.  Doing the remodel was actually a blessing as the longer that went on the worse the damage would have been.  

I am usually very decisive when it comes to choosing things for the house – i.e., paint colors, hardware, furniture, accessories, etc.  However, when completely gutting the bathroom and starting – literally from the ground up – I found there were way too many options and trying to narrow things down was more difficult than I imagined it would be.  Our contractor sent us to Standard Plumbing to choose fixtures, tub and toilet.  I had been looking online for months and had some idea of what I wanted, but it was very overwhelming nonetheless.  I was thrilled when I realized that the fixtures have a whole line of items made to go together.  So, choosing the sink faucet was pretty easy for me and then the rest of the items were just a matter of stating which ones we needed.  I did not care for the light fixture that went with my faucet choice, but the sales woman was quick to let me know that there was another one that looked great with it and was her personal favorite.  It was a pretty easy process and I was super relieved to get that all decided on.

As for the paint, I did not have the same luck.  My painters (Fullmers Painting 801-341-8963 – www.fullmerspainting.com) gave me several paint choices and applied a small amount of each color to a cabinet front.  I chose one that would have a bit of contrast to the white trim and plantation shutters.  Once the paint was applied I realized how brown the “cream” color was.  I tried to love it, but found myself waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.  I just could NOT live with the color.  My dream of having a more modern, clean feel on the main level had been completely squashed by choosing that color.  The next day I approached my painters with making a color change.  I am sure they were ready to wring my neck, but were super awesome about it.  We found an amazing color that is everything I had hoped for and he began putting on the “second coat”, which was actually the “first coat” of the new color.  THIS was one expensive lesson.  My advice is have the painter paint an entire door front with the chosen color and check it out throughout the day so that you can make sure you are not picking up the wrong undertones, etc.  The color I originally chose was way too brown and very unappealing to me.  I could not be happier with the new color.  Although it is costing me more, it would have been more expensive to “try to love it” for 6 months or so and then have to start completely over.  Since we were still applying a second coat anyway, the cupboards were still taped, doors removed, etc and so not too big of a deal.  It basically cost us a “third coat” of paint.   Lesson learned – Be absolutely SURE before proceeding!  

I think I will sleep well tonight.  My OCD heart is SO ready to get things put back together but I am trying to stay down in our basement apartment as much as possible so that I will be patient and give things plenty of time to cure.  The bathroom will take several weeks to be completed, but that part is easier to live with.  Once paint is dry I will be able to use the kitchen, family room, laundry room, and put the upstairs bath back together.  There are lots of cabinets, shelving, etc in my house and everything with a cherry finish is being painted.  

Stay tune for more pics and commentary……