christmasOn A Personal Note December 16, 2013

Pay It Forward

As I was selecting a small client appreciation gift idea this year, I came across a cute holder for a square of Ghirardelli chocolate—I was smitten and got to work right away.  It was only after I was well into the project that I realized the chocolate would make the envelope too bulky to go through the automated mail system.  SO, not one to be discouraged, I came up with Plan B.  Your gift holder comes to you empty.  One of our favorite family traditions is to choose a family that is struggling and play “Santa”— a sort of “Pay It Forward” concept.  The gift holder will hold a box of Chicklets, a chocolate, a gift card, or cash.  It would be awesome if you would choose someone to “gift” it to.  You can choose how you fill it.  I would love for my friends, family members, and clients to go to my blog and comment on this post about your experience.  It doesn’t need to be grandiose to count.  I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t have a better day with a small gift of chocolate!

Some “Pay It Forward” stories I know of first hand that have really touched my heart.  I know of someone who gifted a large sum of money so a dear friend could save their home from bankruptcy.  I know of someone who shares their Christmas dinner with those who are unable to spend it with family.  I know of people that pack small boxes of non-perishable foods and gloves and “gift” them to people they run into on the street.  I know of people who will pay for the groceries of the person in front of them when they look to be in need.  I know of people who fill stockings and send them to servicemen.  I know of people who share their love and gift of music with those who are lonely.  It doesn’t have to cost money to pay it forward.  If you are watching for opportunities to gladden the heart of those around you, you will see people who are sad, lonely, sick, hurting, hungry, cold—all around you.  Sometimes a kind word and a smile go a long way.  I hope that whatever you choose to do that it will brighten both your day and that of the receiver.  Kindness is never wasted.  Love is always the right answer.  Christ gave the perfect gift—may we all pay that forward in whatever way we are able and may God bless you for your efforts.