adoptedIzzeOn A Personal Note May 13, 2012

Side Tracked

For those of you who, along with us, have anxiously been awaiting my promised update/announcement promised for the 11th – we have been side-tracked (seriously derailed) and hope to be able to make said announcement on the 29th.  I believe the Lord is trying to teach me patience and faith in His timing.  I have said many times that His timing just isn’t working for me.  I think He is saying, you think my timing is bad – let me show you BAD timing!  Ha!  We will get this train back on track and we will have our happy ending.  Thank you all for your continued support and love.  Although I was extremely angry and having a major melt-down on Thursday, a few days has allowed me to step back and realize that all will be well.  Life is full of unexpected things – both wonderful and devastating.  And still it marches on….  The challenge is to accept your hand and make the best of it despite the bumps in the road.  Grateful for all of the many blessings – especially for the many wonderful friends and family who love us despite our short-comings.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for buoying us up!  We love you!