familyOn A Personal Note December 16, 2011

My Fam!

Merry Christmas all!  As promised in my Christmas letter, here are the pics of the family.  We are growing and growing!  Life is wonderful and we love them all!

son Brian, wife Ashley, Crew, and Briley

David and I (boy are we getting old!)

son Jonathon, wife Sarah and Izze (more current photos are not available currently due to litigation on the adoption)

son Jason, wife Celeste, McKenna, Kayla and Halle

Just us old farts again!

Jas’ girls, McKenna, Halle, and Kayla

Jon’s wife Sarah and baby Izze

Briley and Crew

We sure love our little family and hope that you enjoyed seeing all of them!  

  Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!!!!