dietexercisehealthy eating November 29, 2011

Update for Week 1 Phase Three

Challenging week with a family dinner on Wednesday night this week and then Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.  I was extremely careful on Wednesday’s dinner, but less so on Thanksgiving.  I gained 5 pounds, but am only up a bit over 2 pounds as of this morning.  Disappointing, but expected.  I have such a lousy thyroid that I am not able to deviate at all!  My hubby cheated big time on those two days and is exactly the same.  Oh the injustice of it all!  :))  Such is life at our house!

New exercises this phase and I am liking the change.  I am able to work my upper body now (stitches came out of the elbow on Saturday), but still cannot side plank (my elbow cannot handle the pressure – it is still extremely sore and has some bruising).  My pulled muscle in my right calve is also improving.  I will try the elliptical tomorrow (last week I had to ride the stationary bike for cardio, as the elliptical pulled too much on the calve muscle).  In spite of my physical setbacks, I have been diligent in working out each day and feel I am making progress.  

The holiday season will prove to be somewhat challenging as I LOVE to bake and am already experimenting with new recipes (see new posts to follow this).  I am pretty determined not to get too side tracked though!  I felt absolutely miserable on Thanksgiving and will NOT do that again.  It is not worth the grief I go through physically (I was sick all night on Thursday) and I would rather eat my regular, healthy meals and just have a small cheat on the side.  It seems to work much better for me!

Hope you are all getting geared up for the Christmas season!   It is absolutely my favorite time of year!  I am pretty much all decked out (pics to follow) and excited for all the fun traditions that we enjoy.  Here’s to staying the course!  :))