On A Personal Note March 21, 2011

On A Personal Note

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan have hit a bit close to home for me.  I graduated from high school there and have watched with great interest to how things have unfolded since the quake/tsunami.  I have always been impressed with how honest the Japanese people are – no looting there!  I have read accounts from those still living there that report that whole apartments complexes were sleeping with their doors open, fully clothed, and food packed and ready to go – just in case!  Can you imagine sleeping with your door opened (not just unlocked!) in America?  The whole tragedy has made me evaluate my own preparedness for such an event.  Not doing too bad in most areas, but certainly need to work on others.  My heart aches for all those living there and my prayers go out for all those affected by the disaster.

Business has been good and buyers seem to be gearing up again!  I am grateful to have so many amazing clients right now.  I especially enjoy my first-time home buyers and helping them achieve the great American dream of home ownership!   I also have been working hard on distressed property education to be able to better serve those that may be affected by the economy in that way and be upside down on their own home.  See my new website for very helpful/useful information.  http://hosted.cdpe.com/125273/Home.aspx  And please tell anyone you know in that stressful situation to check out my new website.

Spent Friday night working in my yard – it is a lot of work to clean up and trim back after the long winter, but there are bits of green peeking from beneath the cold earth and it is so gratifying to give them a bit of “breathing room”.  My tree just outside the kitchen window (the first to leaf and the last to loose its leaves) is just beginning to open up!  By weeks’ end it will be fully leafed out.  LOVE how hopeful the new growth is.  After doing some major planting last year it is also gratifying to see that things have survived the winter.  So looking forward to spending many happy hours in the garden this spring/summer.  

Fingers crossed for another addition to our family.  Stay tuned for more information…..

Hope this finds you all well and that you are turning your own thoughts to new beginnings and the hope that springs always brings….