On A Personal Note February 14, 2011

On A Personal Note

Just spent the weekend in Heber, Park City and Midway with my sweetheart.  We have been married 30 years now and while I can’t believe that it is possible for things to get any better, they do.  We spent David’s birthday shopping (mostly for the grand kids – it is just more fun!).  Also did a bit of snowshoeing around Soldier Hollow to end things up.  Reconnect time is just the best!!!!

Have enjoyed working with great clients this past month – I don’t know how I do it, but I always get the cream of the crop for clients – most of which become friends for life!  I was able to visit this month with several past clients and catch up on their family’s latest and greatest.  This is my favorite thing about this business!!!

Am enjoying the last few warm days – makes me long for spring!!!  I can see most of my grass right now and all of my landscaping…spring is such a tease….

I put some clients under contract on new construction out in Saratoga Springs – it is going to be so much fun to watch the progress on their home!  I love to watch something beautiful spring up from ideas on a piece of paper.  

David’s dad had a stroke this month – he was life-flighted up to Utah Regional Hospital and we were there to greet the ambulance.  We took care of his mom (still recovering from her broken hip) for 4 days while he was in Provo and I have to say it makes you realize how quickly things can change.  In the blink of an eye everything you know is challenged…  Family is what it is all about.  We feel lucky to be blessed with such abundance in that regard.  Our family is awesome!!!!

Hope you are thinking of your favorite Valentine today and that you will do something meaningful for them.  Flowers and chocolates may not really be the thing that lights them up…..be creative!!!!

Thanks for being such amazing friends and family.  I really am surrounded by the best!!!!!