decoratingexteriorhome improvements October 14, 2013


About five years ago, I met a guy named Doug Barlow of DaVinci Details at the Home Show at South Towne.  I kept his information determined that someday, I would order shutters for my house.  Doug custom makes them for you and has several styles to choose from.  They are more than 2″ thick and are very well made.  The hardware looks like something you would see in Europe.  I had ordered hardware for the garage door when I purchased it, but sent it back as you could not even see it.  That was lucky for me, as we were able to match the shutter hardware on the garage door as well.  Because it has a copper bleed-thru you can see the hardware very well.  Doug did my shutters in a very timely manner and I am jumping up and down to have them after all those years of waiting……

The pictures really do not do them justice, but alas, it is the best I can do for now.  Perhaps I should enroll in a photography class…..

Doug Barlow with DaVinci Details can be reached at 801-766-2411 or  He ships all over the US.  His website is or  He was a pleasure to work with!  

My new wood shutters

Front view of home with new shutters

Garage door hardware

Detail of garage hardware

Detail of garage hardware