home decorhome improvementsmake-over September 7, 2018

Home Office Reveal!

At the beginning of the year I approached my husband about converting our formal living room, which was getting almost no use at all, to a home office. I had been renting office space at my brokerage for years and literally NEVER going in.

For many years I have sat at the kitchen island on a bar stool with stacks of papers everywhere while I worked from home. Kind of a crazy set up, but I find I am way more productive at home.

I started by meeting with a couple of designers. The first guy already knew how my office would look when he got here, didn’t listen to what I wanted at all, and after all that didn’t bother to send me an estimate. 

When I met with Kevin Wallace, the guy who did the work for me – it was a totally different experience! He listened carefully to what I was looking for and how I thought it would work best, made some suggestions, and left to draw up plans for me.

Seeing the plans on paper actually gave me a bit of anxiety, as I could not really picture it in the room all built out. I trusted Kevin though to bring my dream to reality and I am certainly glad I did!

Kevin’s attention to detail was awesome and I could not be happier with the finished product! 

We had to put in an overhead light, as the living room did not have any light at all. THAT was a nightmare and I am grateful for a patient husband who had to fish the lines to the center of the room and the switch itself. We had a small boo-boo when the drill came though the sheet-rock on the ceiling, but we had our drywaller fix that in a hurry!

I filled my office with favorite accessories and artwork. I have collected James Christensen for a few years now and made sure to include several of his works.

The “Believe” sign on the wall above is the very first thing I bought for my very first office space. The “S” was a find in a vintage shop and stands for “Shelly Sells”.

The picture above was given to me by a dear friend/vendor who makes personalized closing gifts for me. I was diagnosed several 
months ago with mono and it has been a real
 struggle for me. This was her sweet reminder to me that I 
am always surrounded by angels.
SHE is definitely one of those!

This is one of the few new things I purchase for my office. Had to have it – it lights up!

Houses – it’s what I do!

The children remind me of my grandchildren – the real reason I work so hard! So I can spoil them!

David and I found this years ago at a small shop in Provo! One of my all time favs.

Love the look of this charming horse.

This was taken before David got my power put in the floor so I wouldn’t have to stretch the 
computer cord across the room. Just love him!

The red cupboard may crowd the room a bit, but I had to keep it! It was originally in my formal living room and is one of my favorite pieces. I found it at Pottery Barn years ago.

I purchased my granite desk top from a bone yard in Vineyard.  The business is MGS by design on 1600 N in Vineyard. I have to tell a little story about them because they were so awesome! I was at Bear Lake at a family reunion and we were doing things via phone. I had already selected my piece, but they had not templated yet. I gave them the garage code for easy access and they told me they would template the following day. I didn’t hear from them and was slightly disappointed, but figured they just couldn’t make it out. I was returning on Friday and had so hoped to have it done. I got a text Friday morning saying they were at the house to template. When we arrived home, David came through the house first and told me to get in there immediately. I thought there was a big problem, but the desk was completely done! When I texted to tell them I was so happy with it, they told me they had decided from the beginning they would surprise me! BEST. THING. EVER!!!!! Highly recommend their services.

I know it is purely psychological, but I feel so much more productive now! I come in and immediately get to work. Love that I can keep everything organized too. It is such a great feeling! So grateful and blessed to be able to do this. 
Huge thanks to all that helped make this possible. 

Pure bliss.