home improvementsmake-overwood floor September 30, 2011

Wood Floors!

Okay, so you have to picture in your mind navy blue carpet on the stairs and upper level, since I was too lame to take pics of the “Before”.  Hideous actually.  After my husband knocked an entire gallon of white paint all over the carpet, followed the same week by a visit from my grandkids with one of them getting the stomach flu and throwing up EVERYwhere – we were long past due for a change.  I never did get the smell from my cute granddaughter getting sick completely out of the carpet, in spite of my best efforts to do so.  Fortunately we do not use the upstairs much (mostly for guests) – so it has not been a huge problem, BUT I was anxious to get it done anyhow.  We have been in our home 9 years now and I have wanted to do it since we moved in.  I am not much of a photographer (I really don’t need to tell YOU that!) but did the best I could to show you how much better it looks.  I LOVE it!!!!

This is my youngest son’s old bedroom.

This is our “guest room”  My other two boys were pretty much out of the house by the time we made the move to Utah.

This is the “loft” area.  It is really hard to get the coloring of this floor – the color varies from a deep red, to more of a brown, and shades of black running thru-out.

This is the “girls” (I have a grandson now, so we will have to call it something else now) room.

The new carpet on the stairs – beats the H%&& out of navy blue, don’t ya think?!

It is always surprising to me how much of a change flooring makes in the overall look and feel of a home.  LOVE the way this looks and feels now.  Still working on updates up there – I am painting the shelf in the bathroom and a dresser in the girls room an antiques turquoise blue color – can’t wait to get that finished.  Hopefully this weekend.  Thanks for stopping by….