exercisehealthy eating September 7, 2011

Update for Week 1 Phase Two

Just got back early this morning from our trip to Maine – I have been kind of apprehensive about my weigh-in since it has been about 10 days since I have seen a scale.  I am happy to report I am down another pound and a half.  This brings me to a total of 17.3 pounds lost in 13 weeks.  It was challenging to say the least to stick to the eating plan since we were eating out much of the time and trying to make the most intelligent choices from a menu.  We bought lots of greek-style yogurt and ate lots of bars – both granola and protein.  It seems to have worked out ok for both of us.  I was worried about weight-gain during our vacation.  I think our kids think we are nuts – constantly eating and always very specific foods, but we are pretty happy with our new life-style.

The working out was lots easier.  We packed our resistance bands and did our regular exercises every morning without fail.  The cardio was much different for us, as we did not have access to a stationary bike or elliptical.  We rode our kids bikes, with our granddaughters as our “guides” thru their beautiful little town on the extensive bike trails some mornings, walked others (I ended up with bad shin splints), and used machines in the hotels we stayed in.  Although my heart rate was not as elevated during those activities as it is when I am on the stationary bike and elliptical, I felt it was a good work-out and a bit more “fun” than usual.

It is good to be home and back in our routine!  Looking forward to this second phase and the challenges and progress to come.  On an funny note, I raided my “skinny” closet before we left and had to laugh at how baggy and silly my jeans looked while we were out of town.  Some of my pants could be pulled down without even unzipping them – ridiculous!  I was pleased to see that although the scales are not moving as quickly as I would like, that my body is clearly changing for the better and toning up and getting definition I have not seen for many years.  Thank you http://www.kristiapproved.com/ for such a life changing program and one that I am actually excited to stick with!  Here’s to a healthy, happy week for all!