beefchinesemain dishrecipes May 3, 2011

Stir-Fry Beef & Broccoli

Marinate 1 lb beef strips in:
4 T soy sauce
2 cloves minced garlic
2 T sherry wine or water
2 tsp sugar

Stir fry beef in 2 T oil.  Remove from wok.  Stir fry broccoli until tender crisp.  Return beef to wok and add gravy thickening.  Heat through.  Serve over rice.

Gravy thickening:
1/4 cup water
1 T cornstarch
1 bouillon cube (beef when using beef, chicken flavored if using chicken)

NOTE:  You can really use any meat and any combination of veggies and get a great result!  The sauce on this is great and by using the gravy thickener it sticks better to the meat and veggies.  Great way to use leftover veggies or those coming right out of the garden!