exteriorgardeninghome improvementsSpringyard May 25, 2013

Spring It On!

 As you know, I freaking love spring!  It is my favorite time of year!  I enjoy every minute spent weeding, trimming and prepping the beds.  I shot these pics several weeks ago (and then couldn’t find my camera cable) and am amazed at how much the garden has grown since then.  I have had my first day lilies blooming, my peonies are opening, and my grapes are going crazy this year!  I so enjoy taking my computer out and listening to my water features, the birds singing, and the hummers as they dive-bomb each other!  It brings peace to my chaotic life.  Izze, nearly 2 now loves to be outside, especially if water is involved.  

Beautiful yellow bird chillin’ in my yard

and from a distance

Grand-kid play thing – who says they are spoiled rotten?

Table that came with the above

Archway to garden terrace

Back yard rear fence

More rear view

Peonies getting ready to bloom

Rockers at rear of yard

Rear of yard

More of back yard

South east corner of yard – this is where the quail congregate

East side of yard

Succulent bird bath

East side yard

Fountain on east side yard

Small table and chairs on the east side of house – best place on a hot day as it is always shaded.

Chimney pot fountain

Chimney pot with japanese maple and bird house on east side

East side/front yard

Looking to the south on the east side

Fairy watching over my east garden beds

East side yard bench and path

Izze by the weeping rock – she LOVES anything to do with water!

Izze, bird house and weeping rock

Birdhouse against rear of house

pathway leading up from basement apartment

Old school bell gifted from my parents

Sitting area under water-proofed deck

Another view of the play house

Front bench and Japanese Maple

Front porch/door with small water feature

My crazy up-cycled owl and one of the flower pots

Izze by the mill stone fountain

Swing now in the front looking toward the mountains

Front view from west

Fruit tree terrace – pumpkin vines are already coming up!

West side yard

Izze on my metal flower bench front west yard

Are you done yet grandma?!

Grape vines behind bushes in rear yard

Archway to garden boxes

Quail hang out

East rear side yard

Weeping rock

                        One of my favorite hummers fueling up

We are working on sprucing up the front of the house.  A new garage door has been ordered and will be up in about 3 weeks.  I replaced the garage and porch lighting and LOVE them!  David also got outdoor string lights up on the upper deck and lower patio – we have struggled with a lack of lighting since we finished the deck several years ago.  Pics to follow shortly.  I love to feel like I own a little piece of paradise.  Happy spring to all of you!