home improvementsmake-over September 30, 2011

Pantry Make-Over

So my OCD has been pretty acute lately and although I have longed for an organized, neat pantry – I have never been able to achieve that dream for lack of understanding how to attack it.  Don’t get me wrong, I have cleaned and reorganized my pantry countless times over the years – it just never stays that way!  So I was searching a bunch of blogs and ran across an idea that totally rocked my socks off!  It was to use large lazy susans in the corner of the pantry so that you could not only expand your space, but actually see what you have!  Totally fell in love with it and emailed the blogger to see if I could order some (her dad was making them).  I got a response stating that he was not currently able to do them due to his real work demands.  Not to be undaunted I immediately began to search the internet (really is there ANYthing that is not available there?).  I found a website thru Hayneedle.com – lazysusans.com and ordered 5 of them.  By the time they arrived I had already gone through and organized (the best that I could) my entire pantry.  I was surprised at how many duplicate, partially used items I had – guess when something got “lost” in there I assumed I was out and bought it again (stupid).  My husband was out of town and I was rather anxious, so I installed them myself – yes they really are that easy!  I am so excited about the new look and ease of finding things I was beside myself!  I labeled the containers and organized it them by the way we use things.  Check out my results below.  BTW – the other blog had everything really cutesy – I would love to go there someday, but for now just being able to find things and knowing what I have is wonderful!  Paint etc will have to wait for another day, maybe even another year……  :))

BEFORE – does this look like yours?

BEFORE – you know you wish yours looked this good!

BEFORE – lovely, right?!

Check out these lazy susans!

They more than double my space!

Don’t you want some?

Bought the bins on the bottom from Target – they hold 25 pounds of flour, sugar, etc.  Work much better than the old 5 gallon containers I was using.  I LOVE to cook so having less than a 25 pound capacity is not an option for me.  

The over the door spice rack is from Wal Mart – I can cook with ease now!

The red-lidded containers are from Wal Mart and they are super nice.

These are the best!

Again, here is a close-up of the large containers.  

Hope this inspires you.  Watch for my painting, etc to follow someday.  Thanks for checking in.  Unfortunately I cannot remember the original blog post, but I LOVE her for the idea!