exercisehealthy eating September 13, 2011

Week Two of Phase Two Update

This week was mostly a holding steady week – no real advances in either weight loss or inches.  The thing I am finding interesting is that I am back into my size 8 pants although I am 10 pounds heavier than last year when I was wearing that size.  I feel like they fit better and look much better too.  

I am waking up before my alarm clock most mornings and have so much energy!  LOVE that!!!!  I have been getting lots of comments from people (NOT about looking thinner) about how healthy I am looking.  Since that is my ultimate goal – I am happy about that.  When I have lost weight in the past I have not always done it in the healthiest manner and you really don’t have that healthy glow about you when you lose weight the wrong way. I love the way this lifestyle has just become a way of life.  I really don’t feel deprived or cheated in any way.  It seems easy to turn down poor food choices when you are working hard, eating right and feeling so amazing!  I keep thinking back to a year ago when I could hardly make myself get out of bed and dragged myself through each day.  Thank you Live the Life (http://www.kristiapproved.com/)for giving me my active life back!  Here’s wishing you a healthy, happy week!