carding August 24, 2012

Latest Card Projects

On rare occasions I “work” like this!  I figure card-making “qualifies” as working since I use my cards for clients and agents alike.  I’ve been so slammed for the past 3 months I haven’t had time to breathe!  Nice to still be busy and be able to breathe at the same time.  Hope to keep “working” like this.
I made 16 of the card above.  Super simple and done relatively quickly.

I made 24 of the card above.  More time consuming – lots of little pieces, but nothing hard about it.  Funny thing about this one is I “copied” it from another card and was not as happy with my owl stamp as I was with hers.  When putting the stamps away-I discovered I had the very same owl stamp as she had used on the original card – STUPID!  Oh well, there is always next time…… 

 Maybe that indicates I have too much stuff – nah!  NEVER!!!!!