decoratingfallHalloweenpumpkins October 4, 2011

Love Me Some Fall!

Below are the results of my pumpkin harvest from my very own garden…so excited!!!!

A portion of my garden harvest

More of the big guys – love the slow bloomer that is still green!  :))

I had 29 large pumpkins and 40 minis

More of the minis in the garden cart

Lots of the big ones

My fall mantle

My entry way table decor (doesn’t the P Buckley Moss winter scene go so nicely? – NOT!)

More fall decor on the living room shelf

Pumpkin added to a metal bench in my side yard

Entry steps

Pumpkin added to the granite bench out front

paper lanterns and bats in the eating area

Dining table decor

Pumpkins on back porch – don’t you love the defective white one?!  Wish I had more of those!

Pumpkins on steps leading to deck

Pumpkins leading to side yard

More on the back deck – why not?!

More pumpkins on the path leading to side yard – hard to see, but there are some on the bench too

I have never grown pumpkins before and was beyond thrilled with the results of my first effort to do so.  The vines were planted down on the bottom terrace among the fruit trees – little did I know they would take over above the terrace and even snake into my neighbors yard below.  Several times I had to go down and cut vines from growing into their yard.  It has been so fun to have so many to place here, there and everywhere in my yard.  For decorating this year, I only had to purchase a few gourds for my dining room centerpiece. Will definitely be planting them again next year.  Plan to add white minis – could not find them for this year.  Did I mention that I LOVE me some FALL!!!!!