legendstories November 21, 2010

St Patrick’s Day Legend

It is believed that Patrick was born in Kilpatrick Scotland.  His parents were Romans who were in charge of the British colonies.  When Patrick was in his early teens, he was captured during a raid and taken to Ireland as a slave.  Here he learned to tend and herd sheep.  At this time the Druids and pagans occupied Ireland.  Patrick learned the practices and language of his captors.  Because of the hardships he faced, Patrick turned to God. 
When Patrick was twenty, God came to him in a dream and advised him to go to the coast.  Patrick escaped and sailors took him back to Britain where he was reunited with his parents.  But Ireland beckoned to the young man through his dreams and he returned to Emerald Isle in March 433.  He traveled across the country converting people to Christianity. 
Patrick was a humble and gentle man who was devoted to God and the importance of his mission.  He used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity.  It has been associated with St Patrick’s Day and Ireland for centuries.
Legend has it that Patrick stood on a hill overlooking the sea, staff in hand and banished all the serpents from the Isle forever.  This probably symbolizes the end of pagan practices–since there have never been snakes in Ireland.  Saint Patrick died on March 17, 461 at Sale, where he built his first church.