parablestories November 21, 2010

Buddhist Parable

A farmer wakes up to find his horse has run off.
The neighbors come by and say, “Too bad, such awful luck.”
The farmer says, “Maybe.”
The next day, the horse returns with a few other horses.  The neighbors congratulate the farmer on the reversal of his fortune.
“Maybe,” the farmer says.
When his son tries to ride one of the new horses, he breaks his leg, and the neighbors offer condolences.
“Maybe,” the farmer says.
And the next day, when army officials come to draft the son–and don’t take him because of his broken leg–everyone is happy.
“Maybe,” the farmer says.

I have heard stories like this before.  They are beautiful in their simplicity and surrender to the universe.  I wonder if I could be attached to something so detached.  I don’t know.

Excerpt from the book ‘have a little faith’ by Mitch Albom