carding April 8, 2011

Newest Card

In my “free-time” I love to make cards. This is my latest creation. I usually do about 12-24 cards at a time so I have them on hand to use for clients, family, and friends. I don’t consider myself a great “carder” but LOVE to do something that is creative and useful! This whole crazy thing started when one of my clients (who I have become very good friends with) started teaching classes in Lehi. It quickly became an obsession! Lesli is ultra-creative, super fun, and just a down-to-earth amazing woman! Her husband Steve gets involved preparing dinner for all the women who attend class. $20 for a Girls Night Out gets you 5 cards, dinner and awesome conversation with other women who share your same interests! This card is my “copy” of a similar card in a magazine, but I always come home from her class and mass produce 2 or 3 of her cards. I seem to learn a new technique every time I attend! Figured I would post my cards from here on out – who knows, maybe it will spark your own inner-creative-woman skills! If you want to know more about Lesli’s classes – let me know! Have a great day!!!